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Best ColorsTo Wear On A Date

Best ColorsTo Wear On A Date

One of the most important aspects to consider while dressing for your first date (or any important date thereafter) is the color of your dress. There are several factors that can affect the choice of your first date dress color: the color of your hair, your skin tone and your eye colors are some of the most important ones. Additionally, you must also think about how certain colors make you feel. For example, some colors might naturally make you feel more confident than others. Based on these factors you can decide what to wear on a casual date. You can also take note of what the trends say. So, read on to find out what different colors symbolize.


There may be no evidence of the fact; but we feel even a cavewoman must have owned a little black dress (LBD). The LBD is certainly very historical and is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Black is charming and enchanting. It is also one of the best colors for a man to wear on a first date (without worrying that he might come across as Goth or in mourning). While nothing says classy like a black dress does, one needs to wear it right. Women may choose a black dress that is chameleon like-fit for the day but also chic and elegant when worn at 11 pm. Wearing black clothes makes you appear thinner-so it is an ideal color choice for a casual first date if you are on the heavier side. For women wearing black-simplicity is the key: a simple black top with a well defined neckline paired with a slim skirt or a flared one. You can also accessorize black with colorful necklaces, scarves and stiletto heels, while men may pair it with light colored trousers, or jeans.


White has many positive and negative connotations when it comes to first dates. The positive connotations include: peace, innocence, sterility, cleanliness, empowerment and birth. Its negative associations include cowardliness, coverup , perversion of justice. White may be paired with black to signify authority and truth.


Red is the most attractive color on a woman and wearing red on a first date can indicate many things including love, luck, passion, sexiness, compassion, power, courage. On the down side, it also indicates revolution, danger, and anarchy. A woman wearing red on the first date might be viewed as prostitute (red-light district) but she is also more likely to be taken seriously. Wearing red will make you appear heavier and certainly more noticeable. Men must avoid too much of red and use just a spot of it in the right places. A red tie with a navy blue suit and white shirt add the right amount of energy to draw the viewer’s eye.




Pink is a great color for women for a casual first date. Its connotations are mostly healthy: pretty, feminine, babyish, sweet but also a person with extreme political views.


Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty and wisdom. It also indicates confidence, faith, truth and stability. This makes it an ideal color for men. Blue is also considered as the most attractive color on man. According to studies-it is a masculine color and is highly acceptable among males. A bride wearing blue veil on her wedding day (in the past) symbolized constancy. (Early Christian brides wore blue veils for symbolizing Virgin Mary’s purity.)

Results of a survey on the best colors to wear on a date

According to a survey conducted on the best colors to wear on a date, Black came in as the winner. Men mostly liked women in Red best. Blue is a suitable color as well for both men and women on first date. The colors to absolutely avoid on a first date are Orange and Brown.

We hope these results help you decide what to wear on your first date.




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